December 2019

What a month! I have increased my investments in crowdlending, funds and stocks, finished the budget on the new house, planned new investments and made plans and goals for 2020.

The last couple of month i have been buying index funds on Nordnet, i plan to make these the major part of my portfolio, so after we got the payment from our old house i have increased the monthly deposits from 20.000 DKR to 50.000 DKR (2700-6700 euro). I have considered to just buy for almost all the money, but i believe the saying “ time in the market beats timing the market”, so for now i will keep it to monthly payments. Nobody knows if the market is going up or down, so i will not risk buying all on the top. Another thing is, that i am still looking for opportunities to invest, so nice to have some cash.

I have increased my investments in crowdlending. From 9500 euros on 4 platforms to 47000 on 8 platforms. Crowdlending is a bit time consuming, since there is a lot happening all the time, but i actually enjoy it, mostly when there is additional money to earn, and not so much when i see troubles ahead, e.g. with Kuetzal.

Mintos is still my favorite platform, so i increased a lot.

Envestio has been Performing very well, so i increased here as well, but that was before they got a new COO with a rather strange history and career. I made a withdraw of all my free assets on Envestio, and will keep an open eye towards them.

Fast invest has been performing well, so dispite the fact that they will not reveal there LOs i increased a bit here as well.

Grupeer has been performing very well, gives a high yield and has a nice user interface. I increased a lot on Grupeer in december.

Crowdestor is new to me, i liked some of the projects and the user interface, so i am giving it a go.

PeerBerry seems straight forward, so i will try here as well.

Viventor is also new to me. Trying them out with a couple of thousand.

Kurtzal…well, that was clearly a mistake. Shortly after transfering 3000 euros, bad news reached the crowdlending community.
Luckily i was able to withdraw most of my money, only 100 euro left on the platform. For me Kuetzal is now a no-go.

I increased my investments on the stock market as well, mostly funds, but also some dividend stocks. For me, dividend is important, we need cashflow when we are going sailing without any other income than from our investments. My philosophy about the stock market is, than only few people can beat the market, although a lot of people claim to do it. I am not going to try, but instead i buy funds that follows the market and leave me almost carefree. I hope to get a 6-7% yield of which the dividend will be around 3%. The problem is off course, that the stock prices will go up and down, making it unfavourable to withdraw from the portfolio when the prices are low.

Real estate. After buying a much cheaper house, we have now fewer assets in real estate. I might get a cheap mortgage loan to use for investments, but not as long as we still have a lot of cash.

Here are the numbers for December, and for 2019. Be aware that the interest rates on my crowdlending portfolio are low, this is because the investments need some time to “get started”(payment has to start getting paid). January will be much better!

My current crowdlending portfolio
My portfolio on Nordnet. Funds 45000€, stocks 32000€ and 62000€ cash.

My real estate investments consists of 2 properties.

  1. A small appartment rentet out to our son, 24.000€ invested
  2. Our own house, newly bought and renowated. 91.200€ invested out of a total of 320.000€.

For the appartment i expect a cero return, this was bought to help our son finding a affordable an nice place to live, the rent is set, so it all evens up. One could say that then it is not an investment. Our house i consider an investment, and a rather good one. We got it cheap, due to the overall condition, we made a large down payment to get a lower monthly expenditure, and the house will be sold or rentet out when we leave Denmark. At that time i will consider what to do, rent og sell. I will calculate with an increase of the value at 1% each year.

Total net worth 240.800 Euros

Status 2019

My earnings in 2019 is rather modest, because it is my first year in my journey towards FIRE, and most of my investments are made late in 2019. But everything is just as planned, and i am really excited about 2020. My saving, on the other hand, has been great, but just around half of it consists of surplus from selling the old house. The saving rate is going to be better in 2020, i hope, because we now live in a cheaper house and are increasingly getting more and more aware of our spendings.

My goals for 2020 are:

Increasing my crowdlending portfolio to 70.000 euro and getting at least 6000 euros in interests.

Increasing my portfolio on Nordnet to 150.000 euro, getting at least 4500 euros in dividends.

Keeping my savingsrate above 50%

Save at least 40.000 euro to further investments

Getting much better at writing this blog, making it more appealing and interesting for you to follow.

And, almost most important; living even more intentional than now.


Please feel free to make a comment below!

3 meninger om “December 2019”

  1. Rigtig spændende blog! Er glad for at kunne lære så meget, tusind tak Jesper!
    Lige pt. studerer jeg, og læser nogle bøger om investering ved siden af.
    Jeg har oprettet mig på Nord Investments, men vil gerne udfylde min portefølje.
    Hvad vil du anbefale at bruge 1000 kr. på lige nu? Og hvad er den billigste metode at tilføje funds på i Mintos?

    1. Hej Kim
      Mange tak for de pæne ord😊 Jeg anbefaler helst ikke hvad folk investerer i, da investering er forbundet med risiko. Men du kan jo se på hvad jeg køber, det gør jeg selvfølgelig fordi jeg regner med det går godt😊. Jeg satser på mine Sparinvest indexfonde på den lange bane og crowdlending til at få skudt det hele godt igang med høje afkast. Det vigtigste er at komme igang! Tiden arbejder for dig når du investerer, så få gang i dine 1000kr og få dem til at yngle.
      Jeg bruger Revolut når jeg overfører til Mintos og alle de andre platforme, de er gratis op til 40.000 kr og plejer at gå ret hurtigt.
      Hvis du vil oprettes på Mintos er du velkommen til at bruge mit link i oversigten over platforme, så får vi begge en lille bonus.
      Håber du kan bruge svaret😊

      1. Hej igen Jesper
        Tak for det hurtige svar.
        Det vil jeg helt sikkert have i tankerne, men sikke en skam at jeg allerede har oprettet mig på Mintos :(.
        Dog ser jeg frem til næste indlæg!
        Dbh Kim

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