New COO in Envestio; troubles ahead??

Envestio got a new COO a few weeks ago; Eduard Ritsmann . According to p2p-game he has been involved in some strange businesses ;

Here is the the new COO on You tube, talking about coming development plans : What are your impressions? I have to say i am not impressed by a COO reading from a paper or screen, being recorded with a lousy camera (mobilephone?), in his position he has to appear more professional. It may not be important, but it makes me suspecious.

To be honest, i am not sure where i stand in this, but i will follow it closely. So far i made a withdrawel of all the money on my account, that wasnt invested in any project. I havent seen anything nearly as bad as the shady projects on Kuetzal, but enough to be worried.

Feel free to make a comment!

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