Crowdlending platforms

Here is a list of the platform i have invested in, or plan to do so in the future. There are several parameters to consider before you invest on a platform; what type of loan, the interest you are able to get, the risks etc. I have invested on several platforms and in several types of lones. Divercifying is important when you invest, not just in crowdlending, because of the risks you take. Investment always comes with a risk, so never put all your eggs in one basket, but spread them instead. I consider crowdlending high risk, and aim at 10 platforms in the nearer future.

I will opdate this list from time to time, as well as write about all new investments in the monthly update. Please notice that i use affiliated links. I started my own investments without using affiliated links from other bloggers, which i regret, i simply cheated myself the extra income. By using affiliated links both parties earn some extra, so no point not using them.

Mintos is, by far, the biggest platform with over euros invested by over 200.000 investors. Autoinvest to ensure all your money are invested. Great and easy to use platform. Business loans, personal loans, car loans etc, typically you invest only i small amount in each loan.I have invested approx 15.000 euros on Mintos. Click on the logo to get to their page.

Envestio is one of my favorite platforms; easy to use, high yields and monthly payments of yields, into your account. You invest in projects, one at a time, and with higher amounts, allthough you can invest as little as 1 euro. There is a downside to Envestio; the lack of projects. I have invested in 3 projects, but since my last money transfer to Envestio, there has been no projects, so out of my 6000 euros on my account, only half is invested. You will have to be quick when the projects come, in order to get your piece of the pie. Click on the logo to get to their page.

Well, i should have reacted to my own concerns in previous post, unfortunatelly i did not… Envestio was a scam!! Millions of euros from investors all over Europe are maybe lost. I lost 8000 eurosūüė°ūüė°

My Grupeer account has performed well, so i just added more money, giving a total of 7200 euros. You can invest in loans and projects, and the yields are high, just around 13%. I will keep a close eye to my account, planning to raise my investments in the nearer future. Click on the logo to get to their page.

4000 euros invested on Fast invest. I will keep it there for now, not sure Fast Invest is the right platform for me. The performance has been good so far, but the transparency is not as good as i could be e.g. they will not inform you who the loan originators on their platform are! This might not be a problem, but for me transparency is really important, so i consider stopping my engagement with Fast Invest. Click on the logo to go to Fast Invest.

UPDATE: I am no longer investing in Fast Invest, and will not recommend anyone to do so. To many red flags..

I just recently started investing on Crowdestor, so far 3000 euros, of which 2000 euros are not yet invested in projects. Hopefully new projects will soon arrive to the platform. On Crowdestor you invest in projects, just like on Envestio. Click on the logo to go to Crowdestor.

I have recently added 3000 euros to my Kuetzal account, but still not invested in any projects. Waiting for the right project. Click on the logo to check Kuetzal out.


In my seek for further platforms to invest on i came across Viventor, taht looks interesting; nice webside that is easy to get around, buy back garantee and a high yield. I will make an account there soon. Click on the loge if you want to check them out

Peerberry looks interesting too, so i will open an aacount there soon.

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