Oktober 2019

Moving, moving, moving… We own way to much stuff for our new house, coming from 230m2 house, 150 m2 workshop and 100 stables to 123 m2 house and 24 m2 workshop! Throwing away, selling and giving away the entire month. It really is a good feeling to get rid of all that excess stuff, but it is a emotionally hard proces to go through. My guess is that we reduced all our belongings by 50%, but we still own to much for our small house, so i will have to build an addition to the 24m2 workshop.

We are still using all our cash to pay for the renovasion of the house, so no investments this month, besides the 1666 euro/10.000 kr to Nordnet. I have decided to stop investing on Fast Invest, because of th lack of transperency, so the autoinvest is now turned off, getting ready to make a withdrawel off the full amount. The performance has been good, and the poor results showed on the chart is due to the autoinvest not reinvesting any more.

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