November 2019

What a month! We took a huge step towards financial endependence this month, unfortunately at the end of the month, so the numbers will not be on the charts before next months update. BUT both deals, on the old and the new house, is now settled leaving us with a decent amount of money to invest.

This is simply a result of always spending less than earned, a lot of DIY work and conscious living. None of us ever had high paid jobs, we never won the lottery( not surprisingly; we never gamble) , we have just lived the live we love, and it happens to be a partial frugal life.

So i am in the proces of finding new investments, it is really not that easy. I consider REIDs, solar/wind power, real estate and off course more crowdlending and stocks. The December update will show a lot more than the past 3 month, stay tuned! I am excitted about this new chapter!

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